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Partnership With WaveForce Technologies LLC

WaveForce Technologies provides ocean wave field data analysis software and consulting services to the offshore energy industry. WaveForce has developed an industry standard approach to separating the wavefield into windsea and swell components.The results are used to evaluate the forces on offshore structures and vessels, which is important for both design and maintenance considerations. WaveForce is located on the outer banks of North Carolina near Kitty Hawk and is owned and operated by ocean wave scientist Dr. Jeff Hanson.

A partnership between WaveForce and RPS ASA was established in 2015. RPS ASA will help with the development, marketing and application of WaveForce products.This is a win-win for both companies, as WaveForce will benefit from the expertise RPS ASA has to offer in oceanographic software design and development, and we will benefit by adding advanced ocean wavefield analysis capabilities to a growing suite of in-house metocean products and services.


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