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Upcoming Conferences and Workshops:

Pipeline Week Conference - Jeremy Fontenault and Chris Galagan from RPS’s RI office will be attending this year’s Pipeline Week conference. Jeremy will be presenting at Pipeline Week about Hazardous Liquid Spill Modeling: Effectiveness, Case Studies, and Advanced Modeling. Click here for more information.

Electric Power Research Institute’s (EPRI) Fourth Thermal Ecology and Regulation Workshop - Deborah Crowley from the RPS RI will present her paper titled: “Assessing the Effects of the Thermal Plume from the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station in the Turners Falls Pool of the Connecticut River”. Click here for more information.

Crude by Rail - Dr. Matt Horn from the RPS RI Office will be attending the Crude by Rail conference. Click here for more information.


Attend our monthly FREE webinars. SEPTEMBER 22: Oil Spill Modeling in General – processes, methods, limitations, issues and sensitive inputs


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