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RPS staff will be at OTC this year representing our Seismic, Metocean and Ocean Science units. Visit with Tony Lapierre, Bob Fratantonio, Daniel Mendelsohn, and Keith Kurrus at Booth #1817 in the Nova Scotia Pavillion

NOAA and the other Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Trustees released their 15-year comprehensive, integrated environmental ecosystem restoration plans for the Gulf of Mexico in response to the April 20, 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion and spill. The draft pDARP which can be viewed and downloaded at NOAA’s Gulf Spill Restoration website, is available for review and public comment through December 4, 2015.

RPS, led by Dr. Deborah French McCay from the RI office, has worked on several aspects of this assessment under contract to NOAA via Industrial Economics (IEc):

  • Water column and biological sampling plans. Key staff include: Dr. Deborah French McCay, Jill Rowe and Melanie Gearon.
  • Analysis and management of water column physical data. Key staff include: Dr. Yong Kim, Matthew Grennan and Stefanie Zamorski.
  • Analysis and management of water column chemistry data. Key staff include: Dr. Matthew Horn, Dr. Zhengkai Li, Matthew Grennan, Lauren Decker, and Stefanie Zamorski.
  • Deepwater plume modeling. Key staff include: Dr. Malcolm Spaulding, Dr. Zhengkai Li, Daniel Mendelsohn, and Deborah Crowley.
  • Oil fate modeling. Key staff include: Dr. Deborah French McCay, Kathy Jayko and Dr. Zhengkai Li.
  • Biological data analysis and modeling. Key staff include: Dr. Deborah French McCay, Jill Rowe, Conor McManus, Richard Balouskus, Alicia Morandi, and Melanie Gearon.
To view contributing work from the key staff, visit the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Deepwater Horizon Response & Restoration Administrative Record website and search under the last name of the key staff or RPS ASA .


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