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ASA TimeSlider Extension

ASA's TimeSlider Extension provides functionality to animate GIS feature data that has date and time information. The TimeSlider is an ESRI ArcGIS extension. ESRI software provides a rich GIS environment with a full suite of spatial data management, manipulation and presentation tools. ASA's software and downloadable extensions provide complete compatibility with ESRI data. Offered as ASA freeware, TimeSlider Extension is available for ArcGIS 9.1 and 9.2.

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The TimeSlider extension has been used to manage time-varying data such as:

  • Time series observation data from multiple points (e.g. current meters, wind stations, water quality sensors)
  • Satellite derived observation data (e.g. sea surface temperature)
  • Moving objects (e.g. drifting buoys, vehicles, vessels)
  • Numerical model Results (e.g. oil spills, flood inundation predictions, hydrodynamic simulations, sediment transport)
  • Intelligent agent models (e.g. bird movement, pandemic outbreak, fish schooling, crowd simulation)
  • Emergency personnel and resource deployments

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TimeSlider available for free download and use:

TimeSlider used in flood modeling

Flood model simulation animated with time-varying data using the TimeSlider Extension

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