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Aggregated Environmental Data Solution

RPS ASA EDS: Environmental Data Server™ collects a wide variety of oceanographic and meteorological data that is used for marine response and crisis management (oil/chemical spill modeling & response and search & rescue planning) as well as providing superior data sources to environmental modeling applications. EDS provides real-time and historical environmental data management, analysis, visualization and internet-based distribution through Web services. EDS connects NASA, NOAA, NAVY and IOOS regional data to operational users in the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, and other users. The system collects scientifi c data in disparate formats and makes available to operational users via standard web services.

EDS Technical Description 2013
ECOP features include:
  • Server side processing
  • Uses Open Standards so can be consumed by various clients, web clients, desktop clients, Google Earth, etc.
  • Draws directly from the data sources, no data conversion
  • Supports a wide variety of existing data sources on EDS and any new ones that may be added
  • Supports multi-parameters, U, V, Temperature, Visibility, Sea State, etc.
  • Also drifting buoys, vessel tracks (AIS), etc.
  • Supports time-based requests
  • Thresholding tools and custom-rendering
  • Configuration management uses relational database
  • Caching for improved performance

search and rescue

EDS Highlights

  • World-wide data coverage
  • Seamlessly Integrates with RPS ASA modeling software
  • Supports spatial and temporal data subsetting
  • Data product aggregation
  • Built on standard data conventions
  • Utilizes open standards data delivery protocols
  • Integrated OGC Web Mapping Service (WMS)
  • Service oriented architecture
  • Extensible framework
  • Automated processing and data QA/QC
  • Forecast and hindcast data archive
Available Data Variables
Two primary parameters provided by the EDS are surface currents and surface winds modeled or observed at 10 m, or normalized to 10m, with additional parameters coming online regularly.
Additional data include:

  • Salinity
  • Sea Surface Temperature
  • Sea Elevation
  • Precipitation

EDS Seamlessly Integrates with RPS RPS ASA Model Applications:

OILMAP™ is world-leading oil spill model and response system that provides rapid predictions of the movement and fate of spilled oil.
OILMAPLAND™ is a land and surface water spill model system for oil and chemical releases from pipelines.
OILMAPDEEP™ provides rapid predictions of the movement of spilled oil from sub-sea releases.
SARMAP™ provides rapid predictions of the movement of drifting objects and missing persons at sea.
CHEMMAP™ is a chemical discharge model designed to predict the trajectory, fate, impacts and biological effects of a wide variety of chemical substances three-dimensionally.
AIRMAP™ is an atmospheric dispersion model designed to predict the trajectory and fate of a wide variety of chemical substances and biological agents in the atmosphere.
HYDROMAP™ generates current and water level predictions for any coastal waters around the world.
MUDMAP™ predicts the transport, dispersion, and seabed deposition of drilling muds and produced water derived from drill cuttings.
SIMAP™ provides detailed predictions of the three-dimensional trajectory, fate, biological effects, and other impacts of spilled oil and fuels.
WQMAP™ is an integrated modeling system designed to study surface water quality issues.